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The Godly Home

by Denny Kenaston

Preached in January 2003

01A. The Holy Art of Training Children
01B. The Foundation of a Godly Home
02A. The Eternal Value of a Child
02B. A Vision that Motivates
03A. A Godly Heritage Today
03B. Bible Pictures of Promise
04A. More Pictures of Promise
04B. Whole-Hearted Households
05A. The Key to Obedience is Blessings
05B. The Hearts of the Fathers Must Turn
06A. The Rod is Love
06B. A Sacred Exercise
07A. The Training of the Will
07B. The Bondage of Foolishness
08A. Father: The Anointed Teacher
08B. Train Up a Child
09A. A Quiet, Ordered Life
09B. Three Mysterious Influences in the Home
10A. Children: A Dwelling Place for the Living God
10B. Father Is a Watchman
11. The Hidden Woman
12A. Where Are the Men?
12B. Fighting Battles for the Next Generation
13A. Godly Men Have Radiant Wives
13B. Joining the Next Generation
14A. Youth: Anointed Disciples of Jesus Christ
14B. Households on Fire
15. The Overtaking Blessings on the Second Generation