Tape or CD Subscriptions

You can receive our weekly messages by mail! Because of our donation policy, there is no subscription rate. We ask that you subscribe for a certain amount of timeā€”such as three, six, or twelve months. If you would like to continue after your subscription expires, just call and let us know. We have five options available:

Option 1

You will receive one tape per week. It will be the main sermon preached each Sunday.*

Option 2

Each week you will receive the opening meditation, children's lesson, family sharing time, and main sermon on two tapes. You will receive two or three tapes per week. Occasionally a Sunday evening service or other tape may be included.*

Option 3

This is the same as option 1, except that you will receive CDs instead of tapes.*

Option 4

This is the same as option 2, except that you will receive CDs instead of tapes.*

Option 5

You will receive one MP3 CD per month. It will contain all of the sermons that are sent to those receiving option 2. However, this option will be sent monthly, rather than weekly. Also, the messages will be in the MP3 format, which means they will not play in a regular CD player. The CD will need to be played in a computer or a CD player that also has the capability of playing MP3 files. The MP3 files on these CDs are of a higher quality than those available for downloading from our website.

To begin a tape or CD subscription, please call or write. (Click "Contact Us" on the side bar for more information.)

* Due to the high cost of postage, international subscriptions are shipped monthly (all of the sermons from the previous month).