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The Godly Home

. . . Our most popular series of messages!

By Denny Kenaston

Denny and Jackie Kenaston were saved in 1972 out of the “hippie culture.” The Lord Jesus delivered them from drugs, drinking, and many other things that go along with that lifestyle. They raised their eight children in the rural setting of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for 29 years. In this setting, they have found many opportunities to extend their home school far beyond the classroom. They were called to this location to help start Charity Christian Fellowship. God has placed an anointing upon him to call the church back to a burden for the family. Thousands of "The Godly Home" series have been sent out all over the world in the last twenty years. Many families have fallen on their faces in repentance, and received a new vision for a godly home. Your heart and your home will be challenged and changed by these messages. May God bless you.

This new series was preached in January 2003. The Godly Home series

  1. The Holy Art of Training Children
  2. The Foundation of a Godly Home
  3. The Eternal Value of a Child
  4. A Vision that Motivates
  5. A Godly Heritage Today
  6. Bible Pictures of Promise
  7. More Pictures of Promise
  8. Whole-Hearted Households
  9. The Key to Obedience is Blessings
  10. The Hearts of the Fathers Must Turn
  11. The Rod is Love
  12. A Sacred Exercise
  13. The Training of the Will
  14. The Bondage of Foolishness
  15. Father: the Anointed Teacher
  16. Train Up a Child
  17. A Quiet, Ordered Life
  18. Three Mysterious Influences
  19. A Dwelling Place for the Living God
  20. Father: The Watchman
  21. The Hidden Woman (Part 1)
  22. The Hidden Woman (Part 2)
  23. Where Are the Men?
  24. Fighting for the Next Generation
  25. Godly Men Have Radiant Wives
  26. Joining the Next Generation
  27. Youth: Anointed Disciples of Jesus Christ
  28. Households on Fire
  29. Overwhelming Blessings on the Second Generation
  30. Family Verses and Songs

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