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5479 10/15/2017 Mary Magdalene's Passionate Search for Jesus Ken Yoder Christianity, Heart
5477 10/08/2017 Spectators, Students, or Disciples? Ross Ulrich Discipleship
5475 10/01/2017 Contentment James Meyers Christian Character
5473 09/24/2017 Things That Accompany Salvation Mose Stoltzfus Sanctification
5471 09/17/2017 Divine Dimension of Work, The Nathan Zeiset Christian Living, Practical
5469 09/10/2017 Relationship Between Truth and Love, The John Braun Christian Life
5467 09/03/2017 What Do You Do When There's Nothing You Can Do? Ted Gilmer Christian Life
5465 08/27/2017 Spiritual Hypothermia Simon Mast Consecration
5463 08/20/2017 Am I My Brother's Keeper? Mose Stoltzfus Brotherhood
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