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3531 07/10/2005 Dangers of Contemporary Christian Music, The Mose Stoltzfus Music
3477 02/13/2005 Recognizing the New Song—Part 2 John D. Martin Music
3476 02/13/2005 Sing the New Song—Part 1 John D. Martin Music
M14 07/21/2003 CCF Congregational Worship "How Firm a Foundation" Charity Christian Fellowship Music
2812 11/08/2001 * Crossroads of Musical Influence Rick Leibee Music
SET100   * Worshipping God In Song (4 Tapes) Denny Kenaston & Earl Fox Music
2520 02/09/2000 * Becoming An Effective Worship Leader Earl Fox Music
2519 02/08/2000 * Principles Of Godly Music Earl Fox Music
M13   Jesus, Thou Mighty Lord Charity Homeschool Chorus Music
M12   CCF Congregational Worship "O God, Our Help" Charity Christian Fellowship Music
1946 03/09/1997 Joyful Saints Of God John Michael Nolt Music
1892 11/08/1996 * Worldly Or Godly Music (Part 2) Mose Stoltzfus Music
1891 11/07/1996 * Worldly Or Godly Music (Part 1) Mose Stoltzfus Music
1595 04/23/1995 Music In The Life Of David Denny Kenaston Music
M6   CCF Congregation “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” Charity Christian Fellowship Music
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