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Notice! The service on Sunday, May 28th, was not recorded. There will be no sermon listed here for that day.

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  Item #   MP3 Date Message Title Speaker Category
6170 05/21/2023 Word of Life, The Nathan Zeiset Jesus Christ
6168 05/14/2023 Brokenness Ted Gilmer Humility
6166 05/07/2023 Covered by Merit or Covered by Mercy Gary Rohrbach Hypocrisy
6164 04/30/2023 Nehemiah 3.0 Daniel Kenaston Warnings
6162 04/23/2023 Seeing God Brian Nolt Sanctification
6160 04/16/2023 Speaking Well One of Another Carl Swartzentruber Christian Life
6158 04/09/2023 O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory? Ephraim Renno Christian Life
6156 04/02/2023 Come David Burkholder Christian Life
6154 04/01/2023 * Boot Camp and Beyond Kent Odgers Testimony, Personal
6153 04/01/2023 * Draft Board Enactment Misc. Speakers Nonresistance
6152 04/01/2023 * History of Non-Resistance in the USA Before 1918, The Frank Reed Nonresistance
6151 04/01/2023 * My Time in 1-W Service Johnny Miller Nonresistance
6150 03/26/2023 Is Your Conscience Clear? James Meyers Christian Life
6148 03/19/2023 Teach Me to Number My Days Carl Swartzentruber Christian Living, Practical
6146 03/12/2023 Greatest Manifestation of Love, The Nathan Zeiset Love
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