About Us

Ephrata Ministries is a ministry of Ephrata Christian Fellowship, located in Ephrata, PA. It publishes a bimonthly magazine and sends out thousands of Gospel messages on cassette, CD, and the Internet each year.

Many years ago God began working in the hearts of a former Amish man and a Baptist preacher. Mose Stoltzfus and Denny Kenaston both became burdened seeing the lack of spirituality in many churches. Their hearts locked together with a vision to get back to a revived, New Testament, Christ-centered church. With this vision before their eyes, they began Charity Christian Fellowship in 1982.

Five years later revival swept down from heaven. The revival fires burned brightly as the church got right with the Lord. During this time another Mose Stoltzfus and his family started attending Charity. Mose came with a burden to start a tape ministry. The family began taking tapes home after each service to start a library. Soon Gospel Tape Ministry came alive. The ministry operated out of Tape Mose's shop with his children as personnel. People began to request catalogs and order tapes. Biblical preaching was heard in many homes.

In 1990 the tape ministry was renamed Charity Gospel Tape Ministry. In October of 1994, it moved to the church building, acquired a new director and personnel, and continued to expand. The ministry relocated once more to the Ephrata Business Center in September 2001.

As the tape ministry grew, the church increased in size. It eventually outgrew the church building, so the decision was made to form a second congregation, which became Ephrata Christian Fellowship. Several months later, in November 2001, the Ephrata congregation began meeting in the new auditorium at the Ephrata Business Center.

For ten years Charity Gospel Tape Ministry continued as a joint ministry of the two churches, during which time the name was shortened to Charity Ministries, as tapes dwindled in popularity and CDs and MP3 downloads took over. In 2011, the work was reorganized into two separate ministries. Ephrata Ministries was formed and continues the work as a ministry of Ephrata Christian Fellowship, while Charity Christian Fellowship also continues to distribute sermons through their website at CCFSermons.org.

The Heartbeat of The Remnant began publication in 1994. It had a circulation of nearly 1,000 copies, and has since increased to over 3,000. The Remnant is mailed to six continents and over 30 countries. When the reorganization of Charity Ministries took place in 2011, the publisher of the magazine was changed to Ephrata Ministries.

Our goal is to provide sound, biblical teaching in an age of compromise and apostasy. It is our desire to be an encouragement to those who are sincerely following Jesus. We also desire that the messages would bring a tremendous heart change to seeking souls.

We want the Lord Jesus to be in charge of this ministry. We desire to always stay in the center of God's perfect will. We long for Him to get the honor, glory, and praise. We want to not only exalt Him as our Savior, but also as our Lord. He deserves our love and practical obedience as we work to build His kingdom.

It is as the Lord told Zerubbabel: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts." (Zechariah 4:6) May only the Lord receive the glory.